Online computer shop

Online computer shop

Are you looking for reliable and reputable online computer shop in South Africa?

You only need one dedicated online computer shop. This computer shop has proven itself over the past decade, it has prevailed the economic turmoil and managed to establish itself further on the Internet by providing a range of new IT services and products, such as its Free Fax 2 email and a wider choice of computer products.

This online computer shop was established in 2002, and it has become a recognised brand on the Internet, with two very well-known online computer shop brand names in South Africa.

ComX Computer and Laptop Direct took the Internet by storm in 2002.

When the South African Internet users were still connecting with analogue modems, and Google advertising (adwords) was still in its testing phase, ComX Computers had already conquered the web-space with all these technologies.

Online computer shop

The history of ComX Computers - the top online computer shop

Customers do not like change, ComX Computers has endeavoured to keep the format of it's online shop instantly recognisable to its regular users throughout the years.

In 2002, Internet users were still using modems, some on 33.6Kps modems. In 2010, the download speed exceeds this by many times. The website has changed to cater for these changes, but they are not great leaps and bounds.

Change is good, but too much change is bad.

There is nothing more frustrating than walking down the isles of a supermarket to discover that the owners have decided to change the entire layout. It only takes a few minutes to walk away with half the items on your list.

The website has changed over the years, but the layout of where the menus and products are placed has only nudged slowly. Some of the layout has not changed at all. This means that regular visitors are not affected - this is a very good idea.

New additions over the years include a fan page (now referred to as a "like" page?) on Facebook, Twitter, and a mobile site. Although mobile devices are capable of handling full versions of sites in 2010, this was not the case in 2008. Although we believe that this was a very good effort on ComX Computers' part to give the public what the public wanted.

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